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Your desired SAAS service, in no time and with the best quality

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Software Quality lies on development team experience and software reuse. This is the essence of our platform

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custom software development is a long
,   hard 
  and  costly

process, and the resulting product is     buggy     
well tested 
, insecure
and unreliable

For enterprise users

We fulfill all your requirements:

SLA: We deploy on our redundant secure cloud servers, we can sign Service Level Agreements with confidence.

Encryption: You define fields and files you need encrypted, and they will be encrypted on our servers and databases.

Secure login: using your LDAP servers or providing users with digital certificates for access.

Audits: You can activate audits to log your users logins, and activate for sensible entities to log any access or modification.

Any device, any OS, any screen size, anytime, universal internet access to cloud servers

Maintenance: Changing business rules and new requirements may be defined and uploaded to production on minutes

For business managers

You need lean and agile development:

You can change specifications on our online app, save and browse resulting interface on the fly

Ultra fast development cycles

Universal web client, responsive design, ios and android versions

Multilingual, prepared for all required translations.

Features rich (social login, maps, charts, gantt, qrcodes, photos, bank accounts, etc.)

Guided and easy interface (google standards, integrated tour, tooltips, data validations, etc.)

Realtime users communications (chat, push messages, state notifications, etc.)

Interface with existing enterprise services and APIs

For Startups

If you need management software on the cloud, we can be your virtual CTO.

Get you MVP on days, iterate with your clients for a perfect product fit.

Contact us for a partnership proposition.

For digital agencies

You are so good defining a digital strategy, with internet marketing, social networks and web design.

But some of your clients needs are out of your expertise. Enterprise business apps on the cloud, with high availability cluster, with multiple users roles exchanging data on real time.

We need partners as you, taking specifications from clients and delegating on our platform development and deployment on markets (ios, android) and on the cloud. Just contact us

For big software consultancies: Develop management apps and bill by the hour is a model near to end. Dedicate your resources to more value added activities, as AI, Big Data, animations, games, robotics, etc.

Lets talk about quality and performance

How can I start defining my web service with you?

Please contact us for details. You can try our FitSAAS app to submit us your requirements, or contact us so our analysts can interview you and write your requirements for you.

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